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Lu Yin initially thought that the Astral Academies were fixed academies, but he quickly realized that they were more like ten battleships that roamed about the universe.

In the past, he had seen an unknown sky in the Skygazing Deck, and at that time, he had seen numerous battleships flying towards an unknown destination.

The ten Astral Academies had actually been built upon ten battleships.

Back then, he had not known where the battleships were headed, but now, he had an answer. They had probably been headed towards the Sixth Mainland, intent on joining the ancient war between the two mainlands.

That ancient war had been the true fight between the two mainlands; Progenitors, and even Envoy-realm powerhouses, were not safe from danger during those battles.

These ancient battleships were all enormous, and each one was comparable to Millions City. Lu Yin had seen more than ten ships in his visions, but now, there were only ten remaining.

These battleships were remnants of an older time.

The Fifth Mainland’s current war with the Sixth Mainland had prompted Astral-9’s appearance, which had been built on the back of the ancient battleship. This truly was a continuation of the ancient war between the two mainlands.

Soon after, Lu Yin asked the Arrow Mountain Elder for permission to temporarily leave the Greatwood Lavazone so that he could visit Astral-9. He wanted to visit Astral-9’s Stargazing Deck, as he wanted to take a closer look at the details of the ancient vision, such as the imprint of the Skybeast Claw upon the battleship.

He also wanted to find out who was the owner of that overwhelming finger.

The students of Astral-9 frequently participated in the border defense, but they had not experienced such an intense war before.

When news of Liu Yin’s near death experiences reached Astral-9, a lot of the students couldn’t wait to join the battlefield and fight against the cultivators from the Sixth Mainland.

Lu Yin asked to enter Astral-9 during the lull in the battle.

Nobody stopped him, as the ten academies were considered a single unit. Their students would occasionally assist each other, and especially so during situations like this border defense.

Moreover, Lu Yin was even more famous than Liu Yin, as other Astral-9 students had told the rest that Lu Yin had saved them during a battle. This had caused many students from Astral-9 to feel grateful towards Lu Yin.

Lu Yin checked his surroundings after arriving at Astral-9’s space station. This was his first time visiting another academy. Although he had tried to visit Astral-7 before, he had accidentally fallen into the hidden space with the golden sea, never making it all the way to Astral-7.

The students all stared at him in awe. Lu Yin had become famous, and he was instantly surrounded the moment he exited the space station.

The students all stared at Lu Yin with fervent eyes.

Lu Yin wasn’t used to such treatment. Although

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