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Raven was greatly shocked when he heard Viscount Moraine’s words. However, his surprise soon transformed into an indescribable passion.

“I… I’m going to be a father?’

He had been a little skeptical when he first heard Soldrake’s hinting words, but it felt a little different hearing it directly from someone. His heart fluttered without rest, and everything seemed surreal. Suddenly, someone’s face came to mind.

His father, who died on his behalf. His father had taken care of him after his mother passed away early on. Raven could barely recall his mother’s face. Somehow, Raven thought that his father had made the same expression when he first saw Raven.

He must have been surprised. His eyes had been widened with shock, but his facial expression had been blank.

In addition,


Viscount Moraine’s lips curled up in amusement, and the other knights also took on surprised expressions as they looked towards Raven.

“Haha! Are you that overjoyed? I have never seen the duke with such a large grin.”

Viscount Moraine spoke rather mischievously. At that moment, Raven came to a realization. He was sure that his father had put on the same smile as he turned around after telling Raven to come inside… He must have rememberedthe onewho brought him the joy of being able to see his child.


The young knights were a little shocked as Raven sprang to his feet without a word. However, some of the others were able to relate. Including Viscount Moraine, a few of them were fathers. They reacted differently.

“Off you go.”

Viscount Moraine spoke with a warm, gentle smile. Raven nodded with a flush on his face before quickly exiting.

“Now he has one more reason to win his battles and return.”

The warm smile did not fade from Viscount Moraine’s lips as he gazed at Raven’s disappearing back. Unlike usual, the new father was moving with haste.


“Your Excellency.”

The women hurriedly bowed their heads towards Raven. They were surprised by the unexpected visit. However, Raven barely greeted them as he quickly strode towards them.

“Lindsay, no, where is Baroness Conrad?”

“She is resting in the women’s quarters.”

As soon as the answer came from one of the wives, Raven changed directions and started to walk away. Someone whispered into his ears as he made way.

“Your Excellency, pardon me, but the baroness…”

“I know. I am only going to talk with her.”

Raven opened the door to the inner chambers after cutting off the elderly woman’s words, nodding his head several times.

“Oh my…!”

“His Excellency Pendragon should be getting busy from today, hmm? It has been such a long time since he reunited with the baroness, ho-ho!”

“Oh, come on. Do you think they would get right toitas soon as he returned?”

“Oh, how nice must it be? The baroness has such a handsome husband, and now she will give birth to their child!”

The married women whispered with sly smiles,

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